Precision Bezel and Flush Setting

May 2024 online program

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Session times:

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Please note: the session times for this course may not suit people in American time zones.  Stay tuned for more dates to suit the Americas.

2-hour live class

90 minute feedback and Q&A session

2-hour live class

90 minute feedback and Q&A session

Requirements for all participants

  • Experience with professional jewellery making
  • A jeweller's or setter's bench with common tools (to complete work between classes - you don't need to be at your bench during the lessons)
  • Various burs and gravers (a tools list will be given so you can prepare these before the course if required)
  • A computer or tablet with webcam, microphone, and stable internet connection capable of quality video calls
  • Able to attend the sessions listed above (recordings will also be available but attendance is crucial)
  • Able to allocate a minimum of 7 hours practice time per week (for 2+ weeks)

A microscope and/or power-assist engraving system are advantages but are not required.

We are open to students from around the world. Please consider that all lessons are spoken in Australian-English and may be fast-paced and technical at times.

Included in this package

✅ Live online classes
✅ Weekly feedback session
✅ Facebook support group
✅ Mounts and stones
✅ Student portal
✅ Content library

*All online content is available for 12 months.

$749 AUD*

(Sales tax inclusive)